Who’s Sorry Now

9 May 2011 Comments Off


Of all the scenes in the book, the one most resembling the later life of the Tolstoys is not a Levin-Kitty scene, but the final row between Vronsky and Anna just before she goes out to throw herself under a train. Tolstoy’s mastery of the feat of simultaneously putting the reader inside the heads of both characters as well as his own, as if the ball is being tossed from Anna to Vronsky to the narrator at high speed without ever being dropped, is one of the supreme moments of craft in all fiction … James Meek, LRB

… A statement so disarming, I had to go find it.
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The Silence of the iPad

9 April 2010 § 1 Comment


It is also dead quiet—no fan, no humming, nada. This is the future of computing. Daring Fireball.

I don’t doubt it. Did I mention? I bought an iPad? Did you imagine I would not?

Like so much of the future, the iPad tiptoes in on little cats’ feet. I wasn’t knocked out by Steve’s unveiling, I don’t think anyone was. Nothing like the time the big screen zeroed in on his right front pocket and he withdrew, not from the pocket of his jeans, but from the watch pocket, that itty-bitty Shuffle. Now that was a wow moment.
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And Yes I Said

17 June 2009 § 1 Comment


” … yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes”

How like me. A day late and more than a dollar short. (Attribution lost, to be found, this is such a terrific painting of Joyce.)

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The Wind-Up Bird

29 May 2009 Comments Off

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle… although I have not heard him (and doubt I ever shall) the wind-up bird has rather gripped my thoughts—in a way, even my consciousness, and to the extent that I’m just going to have the let the damn thing drip away. Recede from the thoughts, I do hope, because everything I write is presently sounding a whole lot like Murakami. And I don’t need to tell you, that ain’t good.

What a book. Aren’t I supposed to have some little Now Reading widget? Crap, this novel wouldn’t fit in any widget, and the last thing I want to become is an Amazon Anything. Nope, this blog is remaining commercial-free to the end of time or I can’t type anymore, whichever comes first. Last man (woman) standing.

But here. A few bits of this wretchedly good, haunting stuff.

“A person’s destiny is something you look back at after it’s past, not something you see in advance.”

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Sense and My Sensibility

22 April 2009 § 4 Comments

Baldur Bjarnason: Ebooks and the Senses. I think that ebooks will take over the publishing industry due to their economic benefits. That said, there will be demand for certain books in print format because the benefits to the reading experience are unmatched. The book’s value as a memento comes at a distant, but still important, second place.

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The Kindle Fizzles Out

22 March 2009 § 1 Comment

booksI was sorry to see this on Burningbird’s RealTech the other morning, but not surprised. I’ve been following Shelley’s love affair with the Kindle like the cautious girl who, herself, waits to see if the relationship ends in disappointment. Hoping, for your friend’s s sake, it won’t—but knowing also, if it does … she is made of tougher stuff.

There’s only so many break-ups a person can take. Like men, only so many technologies with which I’ll fall in love. If that seems cold, talk to me again in a few years. It doesn’t mean there weren’t memorable passions, just, I suppose, that passion begins to take a back seat to … does it really work? People and iPods that are capable of  returning your investment. We speak of trust.

Today, Shelley says she’s back to library books. Hey Bezos! Amazon! WTF are you? There’s a whole story unfolding here … and companies are so damn stupid about where to look, watching the wrong ground. You already know I’m going to say Apple is a tad less stupid, but you also know Apple corrects itself, because, as is clear—despite their great show of not listening—Apple is scrutinizing the feedback of people like Shelley.

Not me, of course. Else there would be an adorable new Newton out. Do it already, Steve, how long am I gonna have to predict this thing?

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Dear Readers Of This Feed

29 January 2007 Comments Off

I don’t know what halfwit* decided that with every republish, a new feed item would be sent out over the, you know, “wires” … and where the fark that leaves anyone like me with hundreds of posts to import, most of which must be published again… but this note is going to stay here til the job is however half-assedly done.

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Dieu a passe

20 August 2004 Comments Off

The charm of tragic literature is that we feel that its heroes could have escaped their fate but they do not succeed because of their weakness, their pride, or their blindness. Besides, Hugo tells us, ‘Such a vertigo, such an error, such a ruin, such a fall that astonished the whole of history, is it something without a cause? No … the disappearance of that great man was necessary for the coming of the new century. Someone, to whom none can object, took care of the event … God passed over there. Dieu a passé.’

Umberto Eco

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