Love Your Hair

8 August 2010 § 2 Comments

My God, (oops) I hadn’t even heard of Mr. Deity until today, when I followed a link fromĀ Frank to One Good Move … and here you have it. Every Woman’s Life. In the Whole World. Okay, the Whole English-Speaking World. Guys, um, man up on the responsibility-for-self thing, ‘k? Thxbye.

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§ 2 Responses to Love Your Hair

  • JES says:

    I’ll join you in the “Mr. WHO?” club. Thanks for the pointer!

    On this specific video, I’d probably find it less painful if I didn’t recognize my (I hope past) own self in it. Amazing that so few of the You know what your problem is?!? arguers stop to think just how they know, in such excruciatingly intimate detail, every least little symptom and tic of the “problem” which is allegedly the other person’s.

  • Nance says:

    Thank you, JES, for helping me find the Comments link!

    Scott Peck called the Mr. D’s of this world, “People of The Lie.” I never heard a better description. He also eventually got around to calling them evil…and, yet, it is such a pedestrian sort of evil. We encounter it regularly–on television “news,” if nowhere else. Up close, they will make your head spin until you spew bile, and that is the cardinal sign of evil: first, it spreads confusion.

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