Eat My Shorts

10 January 2008 Comments Off

From the Columbia Journalism Review today:

The press’s simultaneous amplification and shorthanding of Clinton’s display of emotion support Steinem’s point: Clinton’s gender, in a still-sometimes-sexist society like ours, may be more problematic than we allow ourselves to acknowledge or believe. After her emotional event yesterday, Clinton held a rally in Salem, NH. About eleven minutes into it, two men interrupted her speech, shouting at Clinton and hoisting handmade signs. The signs, and the hecklers, screamed, “Iron–My–Shirt.”

Which is pretty damn funny—too funny, now that I think of it  these guys were some kind of ironists (yes) on the loose. Students, smarty asses. Bloggers.

No, I take that back. Most male bloggers are too tensed up—from being on the A list, or on no list at all—hey, it’s a dog-eat-link out there—to take time off just to be funny.

Seriously? A male friend with talents and jobs across the bio-spectrum reflected on what had happened to his own adolescent savagery in the years since. “I still compare myself at every moment, just not to the other guy anymore, but … with my own goals.”

They gauge performance, they never stop gauging performance; keep this in mind, ladies.

And CJR? I got a journalistic bone (yes) to pick with you.

“Still sometimes”?

“May be”?

Stop pussy-footing (yes) around and write the simple truth.

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