So Big And So Very, Very Small

26 October 2006 Comments Off

Peer hard. It’s the space shuttle on its way up as photographed from the space station. See, once you’ve spotted it, the tininess of that little ship? Warren Ellis received several of photos like this from a friend—the man has amazing friends!—and you can see them on this page. (Ignore yucky blog title, I think he’s trying to channel George Carlin and doesn’t need to. Or, what the hell, maybe he likes yucky. I was about to say, It’s a free country, but that’s a discussion for another day.) (Makes it a little harder for me to wax poetic about that which these photographs bestir.)

Something about how very dear we all are, tiny, vulnerable, and straining, always trying very hard, with our toys, to excel beyond our reach—in the immeasurably vast and indifferent beauty of all that space.

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